Satisfied may be an Understatement!

AWESOME!!!! I’ve used Blake and Patricia for the last 7 years and whether I’ve been buying or like the last property selling they set the bar when it comes to full service and the help and support they provide!! I travel extensively and have limited time like most people and Blake and Patricia stepped in and volunteered on anything needed. Whether it was coordinating subs to get work done or it was lining up meetings with vendors to make flooring decisions they helped coordinate everything!!! Even on the paperwork and signing of the different documents along the way! The team behind them is just as awesome and outstanding!! Working with DeAnna was outstanding!! Everything was online and could be reviewed and approved in minutes and you don’t have to waste time sitting in traffic or having to be at an office to get things done!!! I wish every group I worked with was this awesome and would make the business world so much more efficient and effective!!!
THANK YOU for everything on this last transaction and look forward to working with you in the future!!! The Hollers Team is AWESOME!!!!!

— Chris Antoniou , Client